Sunday, June 29, 2008

Popcorn in the Microwave

Both Terry and I love popcorn, but it can be pretty messy to make.

Then we discovered microwave popcorn.

At first it seemed like a miracle. Easy and not too messy, if somewhat expensive. As the novelty wore off, I found myself getting really disgusted by the taste and feel that microwave popcorn left in my mouth. About six months ago, I started reading all kinds of things about how something in microwave popcorn was possibly really bad for you. So it was back to the stove top method.

Then I started reading about making your own popcorn in the microwave. This, of course led to a bit of experimentation, but now I think I have it figured out.

The first step is to get some regular old brown lunch bags. I got one hundred of them for about a penny apiece at the supermarket. When making popcorn, make sure to open the bag completely so it stands up nice and stable.

Next, take one quarter of a cup of plain old cheap popcorn, use your favorite brand. Put it in a small bowl and drizzle just a few drops of oil, olive, vegetable, whatever. Mix it well so that all the kernels are coated. Then put the popcorn in the bag and if you like, add a bit of salt.

Now fold the bag closed three times, creasing the fold each time. Then rip the folds a couple of times and fold them over, so they hold the bag shut. The purpose is to seal the bag, but make it loose enough to let the steam escape just a bit while leaving room for the kernels to expand.

Now all you have to do is put it in the microwave and cook it up. This may take a bit of experimentation on your part, but for the microwave in my rig, one minute thirty five seconds is just about perfect This still leaves a few unpopped kernels in the bottom, but I get about ninety percent with this timing. Experiment with your microwave to get the perfect time.

Just remember to be kind of careful when you open the bag, it's going to be pretty hot.

Then you can dress it up in any way you like. I like a bit of butter and a couple of shakes of this which I found at Costco. Or some Parmesan cheese. Or some chili powder.

What do you like on your popcorn? I'm always looking for new tastes.

Leave a comment or email me with suggestions. Is anybody here? Sometimes I think I'm writing to myself, which kind of makes me wonder why I'm blogging instead of just keeping a journal!

Anyhow, I just thought I'd post my favorite popcorn recipe.

It's one of the many things that make Life so Good.


photowannabe said...

Yup, I'm here. I love the way you experiment and are so creative. I don't have a special recipe. Always read your blog, just haven't commented for a long time...lazy I guess.
Love to both of you,

Mimi said...

Oh honey, thanks for the pop corn tip! Now if we can just find bulk kernels here we'll be good to go .... Oh wait..... I don't think I've ever seen brown paper bags... Hmmmm I'll look some more.

You are writing a journal, it's just a shared one.
Love you and am reading always!

Suzanne LD Wannabe said...

Hi Kate,

I am a LD wannabe (and fellow No. Californian) and really enjoy reading your blog. Shame on me for not letting you know sooner. It's so much fun following your adventures in beautiful Cholula Red. I enjoy all of it, even if it's just your musings--it's everyday life.

So, I'll try and post comments more often so you'll know there are very appreciative people out here. Have loved your bird photos and envied your wintering at the Bosque with all the migratory birds.

Suzanne Martin
Sonoma, CA

Kate said...

Thanks to all of you, It's nice to know someone is reading all this stuff I post!

Every once in a while It's nice to know there are real people out there.