Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just Because I Like Them

Today, I took the camera out, determined to try to start remembering the pitiful amount I learned about this camera last spring.

I have to tell you, I do love the Canon 7d, it's just that there's so much more to remember (and that's assuming I ever learned it in the first place . . .).

So I'm really stumbling along, faking it with the settings and hoping for the best. I really need a tutor, but since that seems out of the question, I'll just keep bumbling on.

In any case,
here's the photos I took today
that I don't hate.

I'm truly fascinated by the
shapes of trees.

Trying to remember
the settings for birds,
I failed in capturing any in flight.
I did, however, get this guy,
perched at the very top of a tall pine.

This was another long shot.
I can't figure out why some come out
in silhouette
but I do like the effect.

I'm also trying to play
with flower photos.
I know that they're quite common
but I still enjoy them.

On this one,
my settings were way off.
I had the camera set for full sun
and these were in the shade.
That said,
with a little help from the computer
I was able to capture the rich
butterscotchy yellow
of these flowers.

Another mistaken setting
but I love the effect.
Of course
this is Terry,
relaxing in the shade.
This is one of my favorites
from today

And this is my other favorite.
Straight out of the camera,
this was completely blown out,
but with some
computerized assistance
it seemed to recreate
right before my eyes.

There was a field of yellow flowers
in the background,
which is what I think
makes this shot so special

(Remember, Click to Enlarge)

That's it for today!

We'll be here for another day or two,
then slowly start heading further west.

We may even be leaving New Mexico
(but just for a while).


photowannabe said...

Well, for not knowing what you were doing exactly, these were great shots. I like the focus on the yellow flowers , the grasses with the blurred yellow in the back ground, Terry's silhouette...I guess I like them all!
Didn't think you would ever leave New Mexico, even for a little while. Where are you headed?

Mimi said...

I like the surprises I find in my imperfect shots. Love the shot of Terry!

WOW, leaving NM, even for a minute, now there is a surprise!
Hugs Mi