Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To Blog or Not to Blog?

I recently read a comment on another blog that intimated that blogging was becoming less and less popular with the advent of Facebook and Twitter.

I'm not on Twitter at all, and have a very minimal presence on Facebook, but it certainly seems that a lot of people have chosen that as a venue to communicate back and forth. Combine the large numbers with the almost immediate feedback and I can certainly see the benefits.

Myself, I prefer blogging because I seem to be able to go in depth every once in a while, and I can arrange the photos as I like. That said, it seems that my readership is so small it hardly seems worth it. I have been blogging for close to four years and have often felt like no one was out there.

On the other hand, I do enjoy looking back at where we've been, seeing my photos and what we've done, so maybe I could make the blog private, requiring folks to subscribe, then I would know who (besides me) is actually interested in this blog

I'm just wondering if I should continue with this blog, or perhaps just switch over to Facebook.


Anonymous said...

I would certainly miss your blog posts. I check almost every day. However, since you don't post daily, it is often hard to tell when you will post again. I know I could set a feed, but I already have too many things to screen daily. Perhaps if you had a regular posting schedule; it need not be daily, but just regular, it may help with readership. I'm wondering how you are counting readers? I do not do Facebook, so I hope you remain a blogger.

SM said...

I followed your blog as a result of the MacResource forum (and because I live here in NM). I don't often comment on any blog I read but I definitely enjoy reading them.

No matter what my feelings - I think you should post where you feel most comfortable. As you said, it is nice to document where you've been. :) It can be a great archive of memories!

Melinda said...

I love your posts and images, Kate. I'd follow you on Facebook but I think I like the blog format better. It certainly serves as a better journal than facebook updates and photo albums, in my opinion. Whatever you decide I hope to still catch a glimpse of your images. I definitely want to visit New Mexico someday due in no small part to your blog.

Jonna said...

That's a good question. I've resisted joining facebook for a long time, it seems like another time sink to me. I admit I'm also not fond of the controlled/AOL type places, they give me the creeps. Anyway, I still blog and I too wonder if I will be the lone blogger out here someday. If so, so be it. I feel that I blog for the memories, for the comments, for the camaraderie of other bloggers. If they all go away, I suppose I will too.

I don't know your stats but my guess is that you have a lot more readers than you acknowledge. Anonymous readers are OK with me, they have many reasons not to come forward and I don't publish what I don't want out in the cosmos. If you shut out
those people, how would it benefit you? I don't know, I'm struggling with this question occasionally myself. I hope you continue, I like the openness of blogs and that it is possible to learn a little about diverse lives without a big investment of time.

I do enjoy your blog a lot. The pictures are gorgeous, it makes me happy to know that you and Terry are still out there enjoying life. I hope you stick with it.

Lisa Dage said...

Im a new follower and am enjoying your blog. My husband grew up in New Mexico so we travel there occasionally. Love your pics. I do both. My blog has very little followers but they are important ones. My daughter is away at college and I have family in other places so it is good to share my stories with them. Plus i agree about the "scrap book" quality. I use the facebook for small interesting posts or pictures .

Terry said...

We have at least two things in common, I've been a regular (mostly lurker) on Macresource forum since 2005. My name there is RoadToad. I had been on Dealmac forum a few years before everyone made the move to Macresource. I have learned a great deal from those communities and it was there that I found your blog.

The other thing we have in common is that we are full-time RVers since March, 2010. My wife Renee is a motivational speaker and singer and I am a photographer/graphic designer. We feel very fortunate to be able to live this lifestyle. We haven't regretted selling the house and giving away most of our "stuff." We really want to go to NM, the times I have been there I absolutely loved it! Hopefully we can get Renee some bookings there.

Anyway, keep blogging and use Facebook to drive traffic to your blog.

Oh, and one more thing in common,


photowannabe said...

I would hate for you to leave blogging. Your pictures are a wonderful scrapbook of the most gorgeous state.
FB is fun for real time but I find The blog more satisfying.

SM said...

I'm Stephanie on MacResource. I split my time between Santa Fe & Rio Rancho at the moment. I've lived in this state since 83 & I've been all over the state.

My boyfriend has a 5th wheel that we'd like to take out more. Since i work full time and only get 3 weeks of leave/ yr, getting away is really difficult at the moment.

If you ever want to visit areas in NM that you've not beento, let me know & hopefully I can get you info. :)

CeiPui said...

Oh please don't stop, I've just discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago, and have been checking it every day!

Personally I don't like to see blogs with very few pictures, for I love to see different places.

Same here, I keep a blog but often feel like all the work is for nothing, as I don't have many visitors. But, it's something I enjoy doing, and so I keep on going.

Aeagles said...

I look for your posts regularly. Can't quite imagine how Facebook would suffice. It's true, that I wonder where those posts are but that's your prerogative. If FB would drive more to your blog that's good. I just enjoy reading what you post and I'm about to be fulltiming in a LD RB so it's a kind of family, yes?


crjones said...

Finally finding you after all these years I’d hate to see your Blog go away. I’ve enjoyed “seeing” what you and Terry have been doing these past years and through your Blog chronicle I can go back and enjoy your travels. Your pictures are gorgeous and often inspirational for me to take out my little camera and view the backyard flowers in a different perspective. I love how you will take one beautiful shot and then present it in a myriad of photo art forms, which you probably wouldn’t do on Face Book. Please stay just where you are and letting us all know Life is Good.

Traveler said...

Hi Kate, I'm a brand new reader. Have visited your website and now your blog and I enjoyed both. I hope you continue to write. If you didn't have a blog you would surely still journal your travels so why not put it on the blog for your readers to follow along, how ever many there may be. I agree with the reader who suggested using Face Book to drive readers to your blog.

Jesse said...

Do what I have done, there is a free service that post a link from your blog onto facebook, so your facebook friends can then look at the blog when a blog is posted. So I could keep the blog like a diary, but I like having my friends be able to read and look at the pictures


Montsweag said...

Kate ~ I read your blog several times a month ( catching up on newer additions) and very much enjoy the Southwest perspective. My husband and I have been only once to the SW in our Born Free, but hope to return and it will be a much better, more interesting journey thanks to your insights. I am one of those readers you never know about, I suspect, but many would miss your photos and postings. Thanks!
New England

The Good Luck Duck said...

No! I only use Facebook to be sure everyone is still alive. Although, a Facebook page for your blog is not a bad idea.