Thursday, September 30, 2010

Monument Valley, the End (Finally!)

I promise that this
will be my last post
on Monument Valley.

At least till the next time we visit.

And there will be a next time.


One more arch.
I think these may be one
of the most beautiful creations
in the region.

But then, every time I look
at another picture,
I feel the same way.

The foliage,
both living
and near living
just amazes me.

It comes in all colors,
brown, gray, green,
black, white
and yellow.

I find these fissures
unique and beautiful.

These small white flowers
were blooming everywhere.
Tiny and delicate,
they were my favorite blooms.

Flora against shadows.

Next we went up
on a trail
behind Goulding's Lodge.

For us, this was
new unexplored territory.

Our goal was Teardrop Arch.

We were on top
of a huge single piece of rock.

Look closely and you'll see
the dividing line
of the different
kinds of rock.

It was HUGE!
I took this photo of Terry
so you could see the scale.

That was the last stop on our tour
and boy were we tired!

We got back to the rig
as the sun was setting
and what should appear
but a herd of goats
(with a few sheep thrown in
for good measure).

I liked the back lighting,
the scenery
and the animals!

They stopped for a drink
out of this puddle
(which had evaporated
just a few hours later)

I'm including this
as a memory shot for me.
Regular readers will remember
that this was the moonrise
where I didn't bring the tripod.
Lesson Learned.

One final shot of Monument Valley.

You can click on any photo
for a larger version
in a new window.


photowannabe said...

Stunning pictures of an area I haven't been to in years. The rock formations just beg to be photographed.
Have a great weekend.

CeiPui said...

I love your shot on the Teardrop Arch the most, nice composition!

That bright moon night was our Moon Festival, which the moon was at its brightest, roundest, and largest of the whole lunar year. Unfortunately we couldn't see it here in the tri-state area due to heavy thunder storm that night, rat!

Kate said...


We will have a GREAT weekend here at Capitol Reef.

The moon was outstanding, I REALLY wish I had taken my tripod.

meowmomma... said...

Well, hon, I for one am frankly disappointed that there will be no more.... each and every one of these have been just fabulous!!!

I don't know where you are off to now, but I'm sure the photographs will be excellent!

Kate said...


Actually, I'm working right now on an entry about the world's largest living organism. It should be posted tomorrow.