Friday, September 17, 2010

Wow . . . And Down the Road

Well geez, if I had known this many people read the blog, I would have never posted the previous entry!

In my "number of visitors" program, it shows the number of people visiting, but it also shows that about 75% spend less than 5 seconds on the site, so I was under the impression that hardly anyone was following.

Thank you all for commenting, I don't feel nearly so alone now!

Yesterday was a moving day,
we left Abiqui

and headed to Dulce,
the home of the Jicarilla Apache nation.

It is a lovely, tiny little town with the absolute cleanest and nicest laundromat we've seen in the last 5 years. They also have a small RV park ($15.00 full hook ups) and beautiful, HUGE, clean showers. If you're ever heading through and need an overnight, I can completely recommend it.

That said, we took a little drive around yesterday afternoon and found Mundo Lake, a clean, serene spot with free camping (compliments of the Jicarilla Apaches, thank you so much!).

We will be moving there this afternoon and I'll post a few pictures.

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Mark said...

I come and read your site fairly often if it has new content. I really enjoy the photography. I wanted to also say to keep blogging!!! There are alot of us that don't care at all for facebook.