Friday, September 17, 2010

Just Outside of Dulce

Once again,
we have totally scored
and found a little slice of heaven
here in New Mexico.

Mundo Lake . . .

While the name sounds pretty mundane,
what a wonderful place.

A small lake
just a few miles outside of Dulce,
and bursting with flowers

Here's a shot of the far shoreline.

We took a walk down to the lake.
I loved this view.
Almost as good as looking
at the water.

This shot is not great,
I was shaky
so it's a bit out of focus.

Still, it appeals to me.
Kind of like when you read
about cameramen using Vaseline
on their lens
to soften aging stars faces.

Not that these flowers are aging . . .

And just so you know,
each petal is about the size
of the head of a pin

This is an aging bloom.
but it still retains its beauty.

The view out our front door.

I love the bright yellow
against the gray green foliage.

Here's one view of our site.

Here's another.
We could have gotten right on the lake
but we wanted full sun
for the solar panels.

This tree is close to our site,
but doesn't block the sun.
I looked up
and had to take a picture
of these gnarly old branches.

We like it here.

A lot!

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