Friday, September 24, 2010

Monument Valley Picures-Part Two

Part two of six,
here we go.

I took several sunrise pictures, and had a hard time deciding which to post as the light changes constantly. You may not see much difference, but if you click on each one to enlarge it, you can see a progression

While this isn't a great shot,
I really like the color.

Also this one.


It really did change by the moment.
At one point, we commented on a
certain cloud pattern,
but by the time I got the camera
up and focused,
it was gone.

Okay, one last sunrise . . .

Then there were rainbows . . .


and far.

And right behind us.

While some people
were complaining of the rain
(which was only intermittent)
we kind of like it.
It makes the air smell sweet,
brightens everything up,
and gives us skies like this.

The clouds looked like
wisps of cotton
on the tops of pillars.

And they make amazing patterns
on the valley floor.

The rain also leaves
small puddles on the hard rocks.
They never seem to
absorb the water.
They just sit there
reflecting their surroundings
and waiting for the sun
to slowly return the water
to the skies..

This was taken at the Visitor Center.
I never did get any reflection shots
in the windows of Cholula Red,
so this will have to do.

Now for a few art" shots.

The same,
but in Black and White.

I'm really drawn to close ups
with vistas in the background.
They make me feel like
an Artiste.

only four more pages
of the Monument Valley saga
to go.


Jonna said...

Great pics all but I really, really love the ones of the clouds on top of the mittens. Fantastic! The dawn shots were great too, that's something I'd never see :)

Kate said...


Those are some of my favorites also.

I thought about you with the dawn shots, knowing there was no way you would EVER see the sun rise, so consider them just for you!

meowmomma... said...

You ARE an artiste my new bloggy friend!

Kate said...


Thank you so much, but I'm so frustrated after trying to take pictures today, I'm reminded of what a rank amateur I am!