Monday, September 27, 2010

Monument Valley Part Four (Actually Mystery Valley)

Another morning shot,
the clouds seem to hang around
till they sun burns them off.

I know I've posted a lot of photos
of our parking space
but every time I look at one
I'm reminded
of what a great place this was.

The next photos were taken
on our extended tour.
They call this area Mystery Valley.
First stop, this overlook.
It's called the Owl.

It was way back in a canyon.
lots of photo opportunities

It had rained that morning
and the sandy soil
compacted itself against the rock.
As the sun dried it out,
it chipped away
making beautiful natural patterns.

We had the opportunity to climb
up this very steep rock slope.
Terry and Brian (our guide)
scampered right up.
I stayed below to take pictures
(wimp that I am).

More desert greenery

While Terry and Brian
were up on the Owl,
I took a milder route
off to the side.
That allowed me to get this shot.

This was taken off to the side
of the Owl.
The holes in the rocks
are caused by the wind.

They are quite symmetrical.

Next stop,
some cliff ruins

This shot shows their location.
Many dwellings were created
at the backs of canyons,
high up on cliffs.
All the better from a defensive standpoint

Another piece of desert greenery.
Click to enlarge
and you'll notice a small bulb
on the bottom.
I assume it helps to hold moisture.

My favorite picture of Terry.
He looks so noble!

Patterns in the rocks.

Another cliff dwelling.
I have to say, this was quite a tour.

The canyons we visited were pretty amazing.
We'd travel in dry, open land,
the go back in these canyons
(where the water collected)
and see huge trees and bushes,

There was evidence of water
everywhere we went.
It paints the entire area.

Then filters down to
water the plants.

Then there's these trees.
I believe they're junipers.
We had them at Ghost Ranch.

Many of them
are over one hundred years old,
but if people leave them alone
they continue to stand guard.

We noticed that almost all the flowers
were either lavender
or yellow.

I like the yellow ones the best.

Only two more entries
on Monument Valley.

holes and petroglyphs!

(Just so you know, we're now in Capitol Reef!)


CeiPui said...

Beautiful pictures/places!

I want to know: do you just picked a spot and parked there for few nights? No permissions needed?

Kate said...


There's a kiosk at the entrance to the valley. You pay your entrance fee ($5.00 a person, good for the length of your stay). If you want to camp, you tell them and they give you a tag for the rig, it's $10 a night. There's a designated camping area (a large dirt lot) with great views on 2 sides, you just drive in and pick your site. It seems that most people only stay a day, so depending on the time of day, you have your choice. Some people back in, but there was plenty of room, so we went sideways for the views from the windows.

Highly recommended!

CeiPui said...

Oh Kate my dear Kate, I think I have to stop reading your posts, I can't concentrate at work anymore! :-p

Kate said...


I know just how you feel. My last two years at work were sheer torture!

I was so ready to retire.

Breath deep, the time will come.