Sunday, September 26, 2010

Monument Valley Part Three, or the Horse and the Thumb

Here we are again...

Please feel free to
click on any of these,
they look much better
at a larger size.

This was taken
on our day trip
through the valley floor.

The sky was dark one minute
then the sun
would burst through.

It was gorgeous.

The sparse sprinkles
made the dirt
very red
and the plants
very clean and green.

I just wish
I could explain
how the desert smells
after a slight rain.

Now begins the saga of the Horse.

This spot is known
as John Ford's Point.

Every time we've visited,
there is always a man on a horse.
For $5.00, you can take his picture
(the price may have gone up,
we didn’t check).

I was more interested
in watching the pair
in silhouette.

Then, as if on cue,
the horse reared up,
just like

And it didn't cost me a thing.

At John Ford's Point
you can also rent horses
for a ride in the Valley.

We didn't ride,
but I took this picture.

Shortly after that,
we saw another rainbow.

Then the clouds
started hovering
over the peaks.

Once again,
look at this green.

Who says the desert
is dry and barren?

I love these trees,
they remind me of Halloween.

This formation was
way down in a valley.
I wish we could have gotten closer,
but there was no access.

Once again,
the clouds come in.

Then they go away.

We took a short hike
back to the North Window.

When we arrived,
this guide was beating his drum
and singing a Native song.

It echoed beautifully
over the canyon.

If you look closely,
you'll see how high up he is.

And how very round that rock is.

Brave fellow.

This was his view.

Once again
the desert foliage.

This formation is called
the Thumb.
I thought it looked
like one of the Moai
from Easter Island.

When we got closer,
it really resembled a Moai,
face and all.

Or maybe Thumbelina.

Shortly after,
we saw this wall.
The beauty of these
rocks and formations
really transcends photography.

But I had to try.

only three more sets of photos
from Monument valley.


Joe and Tracey said...

Nice photos and write ups of Monument Valley! I was just there about a month ago. Beautiful place.

Re. directions to the Buddy Holly crash site, I had gotten them from Here they are: US 18 to North 8th Street north in Clear Lake (Iowa) for 4.7 miles. When the paved road (which has turned into Grouse Avenue) turns left (west), go right (east) on gravel road (310th Street), then immediately left (north) on Gull Avenue. Follow Gull Avenue for 1/2 mile, just past the grain bins to t-intersection of a gravel road from the right and first fence row on left (west). The fence begins at the street sign for "Gull Ave." and "315th St." Walk along the fence row west for just under 1/2 mile.

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

As usual...FABULOUS PHOTOS!!!!

Kate, I do not have your email so I could not send you a reply but we would love to get together. Email me and we can get something set-up.