Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Village of Abiquiu

We're here at Abiquiu Dam, visiting with friends and having a high old time. We just returned from a sunset walk and I took over three hundred photos! But that was today, and this blog entry is about yesterday, when we went to visit the village of Abiquiu.

It's a very small burg, as so many places in New Mexico seem to be. But this one has the distinction of having been, for many years, the summer home of Georgia O'Keeffe. Up until the very last part of her life, she divided her time between this village and her home at Ghost Ranch.

The center of the town is the church
first established in 1888.

I found these bricks
at the corner of the local library,
the only "civic" institution
in town.

Details of the church.

This cross stands in front of the church
right in the center of the village.

More church detail.
I took this photo
because I could have sworn
that there was a symbol
painted or embossed
in the side of the adobe.
Now, when I looked at the photo enlarged,
I think it's just a weathered spot.
Another mystery solved!

Across from the church
is an abandoned house,
the adobe crumbling, it's quite a site.
I took several shots of it,
but none were to my liking.
I did, however,
like this shot of the roof beams

In fact, I liked it so much,
I turned it into a black and white.
I can't decide which one I like best.

Someone takes very good care
of the church yard.

This tree stands
in the middle of the village
I liked the pods,
so I took this picture.

On the edge of town
we saw these arches.
I had no idea what they could be . . .

Then we spotted
a hand painted sign reading
"Tourist Information
Book Signing Today".

Unfortunately I didn't get a photo.

We went inside
and spent a good amount of time
talking with the proprietor.

A wonderful character,
he's written a book
about Georgia O'Keefe
and her time in the village.

I may go back and buy a copy.

He also told us the story of the arches.
It seems a couple
decided to build a home in Abiquiu
some years ago.
For some unknown reason,
they started with the cellar
and these arches.
Then trouble ensued
and there was a divorce.
Now all that remains of the couple
is these arches.

He was quite the character,
very entertaining.

And his gallery is quite the experience.

I loved looking over his bulletin board.
I particularly liked the Madonna
and prayer beads.

A close up of the Madonna.

After we left the village,
we headed back to the dam,
stopping at a National Forest spot
for a few more photos.

I see mosaics all over the state,
but nature beats them all.

Here's a shot of Abiquiu Dam
from the overlook.

With flowers all over the area.
Some are hearty,

Some are delicate,

but all are gorgeous,

Especially when they
wave in the breeze.

We are having such a wonderful time,
I hope you all get the chance
to enjoy this amazing place.


photowannabe said...

I think you are in paradise!
Georgia O'Keefe is one of my favorite artists. Her very Spirit must be infused in the walls of the town.

photowannabe said...

I forgot to tell you. Saturday we ate in a small cafe in Old Town Roseville and they served Cholula hot sauce with my eggs. First time I ever had it and I really liked it. Made me think of you and Terry.

Delta Mike said...

The little library in Abiquiu has several books on the history of the place.

Some great shots.