Sunday, May 27, 2012

Communication is a Fragile Thing

I've been playing a game called Draw Something on my iPad.

Sort of like Pictionary, you can either play with random people or tag people you know to play with you (as long as they've got the game on one of their devices).

It's really fascinating.

I get a word and try to draw a picture.  Then the recipient gets a list of about a dozen letters and as many blank spaces as are in the word and try to guess my word.

Here's where it gets really interesting.  I draw something that I believe is a perfectly clear indication of the word.  But sometimes people just don't get it. Or they draw me a picture and no matter how hard I try, it doesn't connect.

It's a clear indication of, no matter how hard we try, all our minds think different.  Differently?  Whatever, we often have a problem communicating.

Its a great way to remember that no matter how clear you think you're being, we all see everything in or own particular way.

And it's a good reminder for me to try to be a lot clearer when talking (or drawing) with people.

If you want to play Draw Something with me, I'm LazyDazeKate.


Merikay said...

That really sounds like fun. We had some very happy times playing Pictionary.

Jim and Sandie said...

My few attempts at Pictionary over the years was sooo bad. Nobody had a clue as to what I was attempting to draw. And I know that I often say something and it comes across in all the wrong ways. So I try to be careful.

Russ Krecklow said...

I'm terrible at all these games, so I don't even try to play most of them. When the grand kids are here, Donna likes to get them playing various board games, and they love it...but I'm usually just a "place holder" for them to beat up on!

Merikay said...

I got the ap. It seems a bit slow, but I have been having fun with some raddom people. I will try to connect with you. My user name is merikaym.

Donna K said...

Having trouble getting this on the Fire. Will try again later - perhaps your blog generated too much traffic hahaha!! Great point though, regardless of the game.