Friday, May 25, 2012


Treasures come in many forms.

If you've been reading this blog for long, you know that we're (slowly) wading through fifty plus years of our lives.  So much of what we find makes us scratch our heads, but then there are those things that strike a chord so deep that the resonance is practically physical.

I thought this was gone forever.

This is the very first picture I ever took that made me think that photography could be something other than a series of snapshots.

We had spent a few days down in Pacific Grove to view the annual migration of the Monarch butterflies.  It was early morning and this beautiful little red headed girl was there with her family.  Suddenly, this butterfly landed right on her shoulder.  She suffered a moment of indecision.


Brush it off?

In the end, she just waited for a moment and it flitted away.

In those days, I was shooting film and had no idea if I'd gotten the shot or not.

When shooting film I think it's safe to say less than 2% of my shots ever came out, so I was really excited when this came back from the developers.

It's the shot I always remember.

Can you imagine how happy I was to finally see it after all these years.

I wonder what ever happened to that little red headed girl?


Judy and Emma said...

Those kinds of memorable moments are few and far between.

Jim and Sandie said...


Donna K said...

Lovely photo. Too bad you don't have her address. I bet she would love to see that.

Gaelyn said...

That's sweet.