Thursday, May 24, 2012


The Civil War will be re-enacted 
right across the street from us this weekend.

Thinking to avoid the crowds, 
we went over today to take a quick look at the venue.

It's held every year at Roaring Camp

A wonderful old covered bridge marks the entrance.

I'm always fascinated that the bridge 
is held up with stacks of lumber.

A shot through the timbers.

Terry took these next three shots.

They'll be firing this all through the weekend.

A close up of the detail on the cannon.

Most of the re-enactors weren't set up yet,
but we did get a few shots.

The sides all have their flags.

I kind of liked this shot.

Since the event wasn't really happening yet, 
we walked back into the woods, 
and shot some of the flowers.

Spring is definitely here.

And the light under the trees makes for nice shots.

The light also shines straight through the streams.

And of course, 
I couldn't close without at least one poppy.

That's it for tonight.


Jerry and Suzy said...

Hope you'll enjoy the re-enactment! It is amazing how many times and in how many places these events take place. The basic history of our country is entrancing, even though much of it was horrible!

Gaelyn said...

I enjoy reenactments and mountain man events. But the noise of the canon would drive me away. Looks like a beautiful place for this, including the flowered forest.

photowannabe said...

How fun. I had forgotten that they do that at Roaring Camp.
Steve went to an enactment last Saturday up here (in the boonies). What a great bunch of photo ops. Hope you can get some maybe too.

Big Matt said...

Ah, nothing quite like the joyous rumble of Howitzers in the morning, even if they're not firing a round :).

Sue Malone said...

omigosh, Kate, it's a Covered Bridge! I appreciate them now as never before. lovely photo.

Donna K said...

Looks like a great venue for a re-enactment. Hope you get over to witness some of the battles. Do you have earplugs?