Thursday, May 10, 2012


I spend a good amount of time 
in the back of the rig.
It's technically the bedroom, 
but to me, it's my den.

Depending on where we're parked, 
the view changes by the minute.  
Today, I looked up 
and saw this beautiful pattern.  

I tried to play with the settings 
to get a better shot, 
but in just a few minutes, 
it was gone.

Just a couple of memory shots.


Merikay said...

I love to watch the dancing shadows of the trees.

Donna K said...

Kate you can make an interesting photo out of most anything!!

Gaelyn said...

Nice view of lush green dappled by light and shadow.

Sue Malone said...

You know, Kate, those windows in your bedroom are amazing. I still remember seeing Utah sunlight pouring in when we met you there in the red rock county. Great place to hang out an get inspired!

Jerry and Suzy said...