Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just One Shot

I'm fascinated with night photography. That said, I've never been able to do much with it, but I'm determined that that will be changing.

Now, I realize that where we are currently isn't the best place to practice night photography, what with the ambient light and all, but maybe this would be a good time to start practicing?

Then, when we get back on the road (and out in the boonies where the stars are so brilliant it's beyond belief) then I'll be ready.

Here's my first attempt, 
the moon through a hazy high fog.

I plan on incorporating silhouettes 
into my night photography.

If I get good enough, 
I might even try light painting.


Gaelyn said...

Nice. Don't forget about the perigee supermoon Saturday night.

Gypsy Boho said...

I love night shots. I'm not very good with them but I keep on trying.

Julie and Lisa said...

I see someone beat me to the supermoon reminder tomorrow night! Talk about great practice opportunities. We're in Moab, Utah and are now planning to go set up in Dead Horse SP (overlooking Canyonlands NP) along with the other hordes, probably, to get a moon shot.