Thursday, May 17, 2012

This and That (again)

I really don't know what to call some of these posts.  
They don't have a topic, 
so I think I'll just use this and that.

I'm excited.  
This weekend I'll be going up to San Francisco 
to hear Brad Bird speak.  
This will be at the Walt Disney Family Museum.  
In case you don't know, 
Brad Bird is a whiz bang director 
who first came under my radar with the Iron Giant

You have seen the Iron Giant, right?  
If not, rent it, buy it, find a midnight showing, 
whatever, but see it.  
It remains one of my very favorite films.  
The ability of film makers 
to imbue inanimate objects with heart and soul 
is what first attracted me to animation.
The Iron Giant is the perfect example 
of animation in all it's glory.

After the Iron Giant, 
Mr. Bird directed the Incredibles for Pixar, 
then Ratatouille.  
He recently graduated to live action 
with the latest Mission Impossible film starring Tom Cruise.  

Quite the up and comer, it should be a great event.

Even though we're no longer involved with Disney, 
it seems to pop up in our lives all the time.  
Today, we went to our favorite restaurant, 
and this was on the wine list.

I try to keep myself aware of photo opportunities 
so when I saw this guy hanging out in a parking lot, 
I had to take a shot.

Again, poppies.

And that's it for today.


Gaelyn said...

Love the dog. The flowers are beautiful. Have fun.

Judy and Emma said...

That dog is one cool dude! :)

Donna K said...

Did you get his autograph? I'm sure he's a star. Have fun in SF.

Julie and Lisa said...

Love Brad Bird and that Disney museum (we went there not too long ago). Have you seen the documentary, "The Pixar Story"? Some good Brad Bird in there (plus just overall fascinating story). It's available streaming on Netflix--