Saturday, May 26, 2012

Disneyland Treasures

I keep finding pieces of Disneyland memorabilia that bring back so may memories . . .

For years, we were involved enough to collect some real treasures.  Some of these we've already parted with, others we're getting ready to send to new homes.

Then every once in a while, we run across a piece or two that seem so special I'm torn as to what to do.  My answer has been to take pictures as memory shots, then send those too on their way to new owners.
Today I ran across a set that is so special, I really hope the new owners appreciate them.

These are photographs, printed on heavy stock, then hand tinted and re-marked for definition.  I purchased these years ago from the family of one of the army of talented people who designed Disneyland.  The photos show the original three dimensional models that were made prior to the building of the park.  Look closely and you'll see the miniature people.

When I purchased them, I was told they had originally hung either in the Train Station or City Hall at Disneyland.

This one shows City Hall and the Fire Station.
Walt Disney kept a personal apartment 
above the Fire Station.

This one shows the Train Station.
and City Hall.

And this last one shows the Opera House 
and other buildings that line Main Street.

Memories, very potent stuff.

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Gaelyn said...

Those are very cool. I too hope the new owners appreciate them as much as you obviously do.