Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This and That

Regular readers know that we love our Lazy Daze motor home. Being a somewhat small company, you don't see all that many out there.  Usually, when you see any artwork involving RVs, it's rarely a Lazy Daze. That said, a friend of ours was vacationing up in Seattle and saw a weekly paper with this on the cover.

Wow, Lazy Daze in artwork, what a find.

Intrigued, I looked it up and found it was painted 
by an artist named Casey Weldon.
Hoping there was some kind of back story, 
I emailed him and he replied

"My grandparents owned one when I was a kid 
and they often took my brother, cousin and I out camping. 
The painting is a sort of reminiscence of two sisters 
I have a vague recollection of meeting 
at one of the camp sites. 
I was in love with them, 
as much as any boy could be in love for a week, I guess. 
They were older, 
and I don't if it was general disinterest in us, 
the campsite, 
or another issue, 
but something about them seemed sad. "

Is that a cool story or what?

And speaking of Lazy Daze artwork,
back when we first got the rig, 
we camped for a while with Lazy Daze friends 
John and Ilene Van Gossen.
Ilene Is a talented artist 
and gifted us these small paintings, 
just perfect for the kitchen in the rig.

I look at them every day 
and they continue to inspire me, 
I wish I could paint like this!

Feeling somewhat inspired, 
I worked on a couple of shots 
I've taken of small pewter statues 
that we will be selling.

I couldn't figure out 
where the striped light came from, 
but I liked the effect, 
so I just went with it.

And once again, 
that's it for today.


Jim and Sandie said...

That is so neat that the artist responded and gave you the story behind the painting. I have no talent either for painting or taking photos, so I just get to sit back and enjoy everybody elses.

Donna K said...

That is quite a find. Imagine a LD in a painting - never woulda thunk it!!

Gaelyn said...

Great story and I really like Weldon's painting.

Big Matt said...

Great painting, but something about the facial expressions, I'm not certain if I'd call it entirely sad, or if there's something else going on.... :)