Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Flowers, Pelicans, a Bee and Enrique!

Sometimes I think we have to make big old plans 
for a day to be special.

That said, in my heart,
I know that's not the case.

Today was a perfect example.

Our big plans were to go to the Post Office, 
then to Costco for a few essentials.

Our local Post Office does a lovely job on their flowers.

Poppies always make me smile.

Disneyland used to plant yellow and purple flowers
 at the entrance to Tomorrowland.  
It was a color scheme that I always loved 
and whenever I see it, 
it strikes a chord.

Wow, I FINALLY got a half way decent picture of a bee!
(Click to Enlarge).

On the way to Costco, 
I asked Terry if we could swing by West Cliff Drive, 
since there seemed to be flowers 
blooming everywhere.

He thought that was a great idea.

Once out by the ocean, 
we decided to stop by the gardens 
at the Shrine of Saint Joseph

We love these gardens, 
they're right on the ocean, 
and the array of flowers is just amazing.

We wandered around, 
smelling the sweet air and snapping pictures.
Terry took this with his phone.

Pansies make me happy,
I love their happy little faces.

Is this beautiful or what?
Another shot from Terry's phone.

Look at these colors!

More pansies, 
my colors again.

As we wandered, a gentleman came up 
and asked if we were enjoying the gardens.  
We told him we always do!  
He seemed quite pleased
and told us they were his work.

We were blown away!  
He started this endeavor only eight years ago 
and the whole thing has been done with cuttings.

As we chatted, 
our appreciation of the gardens 
grew by leaps and bounds.  

He asked if we'd like to see something special 
and of course, we said yes.  
He took us around to the front of one of the residences, 
made us climb some steps 
and not turn around till he told us to.

When we turned around, 
this was what we saw. 
(Click to Enlarge).

Can you imagine being here 
every single day?

Terry went across the street and took this shot
from the front of the residence 
(using his iPhone and AutoStitch).

And I took this picture of Enrique 
in front of some of his most beautiful flowers.
What a delight he was, 
we will certainly visit him again.

Being right on the ocean, 
I had to try for a few pelican shots.
These aren't pelicans, 
but I liked the silhouette,

Then I tried to shoot both flowers 
and the ocean behind them.
The ocean kind of got lost.

If I could live right here,
I might stay in California forever.

More not pelicans

Not a great shot, 
but he seemed to love 
soaring close to the waves.

I believe this is a baby brown.

Coming in for a landing.

And finally, a shot I'm happy with.

So this little sojourn turned into a wonderful day.  
We had glorious weather, 
saw beautiful flowers, 
made a new friend 
and got to photograph some of my favorite bird.

Like I say


The Odd Essay said...

Enrique did a fantastic job... my favorite is that huge bed with the pink and magenta... the colors are so vibrant! Your pelican shots could be on a brochure for Pelican Island NWR... nice.

Judy and Emma said...

A good day with the camera is very satisfying. :)

Gaelyn said...

How wonderful to meet the person responsible for those gorgeous plantings. Great pelican shots.

photowannabe said...

Did you ever make it to CostCo?
Terrific pictures and Enrique has the master's touch there.

Kate said...

Susie, yes, this diversion really only took 90 minutes or so?

Donna K said...

Wowzers, those are besutiful shots. Those shades of pink flowers are amazing. Isn't it fun to meet the person who is responsible? I would say that was 90 minutes WELL spent.

Russ Krecklow said...

Wonderful shots of beautiful flowers, and great birds! Isn't it amazing what you can see when you just take a little bit of time out of the "plan"? When I picked up all of our held mail, I noticed that all the gorgeous flowers at our local post office are blooming and looking good! Have to take Donna over there soon. We'll have a flower enjoyment day, just as soon as it stops raining!

E Squared and Mui said...

Enrique sure knows what he's doing.