Saturday, June 2, 2012

Another One of Those Posts

Another post where I don't have a whole lot to talk about. We haven't gone anywhere, or really done anything except get rid of more stuff.

Will it ever end?

Still, I take pictures, I must be obsessed.

Lately I've been shooting almost exclusively with my Canon SX40 or my iPhone 4s, both of which I really love.  That said, neither one is exceptionally fast, so every once in a while I feel the need to take my Canon 7d out for a spin.

Geez, I forgot how heavy it is!

But I also forgot how blindingly fast it is, wow, what a delight.

Not that I took any pictures worthy of its' speed.

But that's not my fault, I swear.  We have at least a couple of dozen hummingbirds who frequent our feeders, but those little buggers have a communication system.  As soon as I get the fast camera, they all go away.  Poof!  Whoosh!  Not a hummingbird to be seen.

Here's a shot I took while trying to get the focus and light correct so I'd be ready when the hummingbird came to feed.

See how nice this shot would have been?

Later in the day, 
I went in to the house, 
and caught the sun backlighting this tree.
I thought it looked better
in black and white.
 I love black and white photography.

And here's my "art" shot for the day.
 (Click to enlarge, if you so choose)

And that's all she wrote for today.



Jerry and Suzy said...

We have a silver cardinal family living nearby. The parents come over to our feeders to bring something home to the kids. Can I ever get a decent picture? Heck no. Yesterday I got a shot of an empty feed station and another one of the hanger for a pot of basil. In both cases, the darn bird had been there a second before.

Gaelyn said...

Birds are always hard for me to capture.

Sue Malone said...

Yes, Kate, I also take for granted that blinding fast shutter on my Nikon until I drag out the old Nikon Cool Pix for something or other and yeah, the photo!