Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Blah Blah Blah Blah

Let's see.

We've had Doctor's appointments, nothing major.

I went with a friend to learn more about her new bunny, that was pretty entertaining.

And once again, we're trying to commit to a solid eating and exercising plan (are you all sick of hearing that yet?)

I looked around online and found a program called Lose It.  It's free, and allows you to set goals, track food, nutrients and all that good stuff.  I will be going to Kaiser for a metabolic test, and that will tell me how much I need daily to maintain my current weight (not my plan) and give me a realistic idea of what my caloric intake should be for losing.  We spoke with a dietician and will continue using low carb as a basis, but hopefully by tracking all nutrients (protein, fat, sugars and fiber) it will give us a better idea of what direction we need to take.

And of course, the fly in this ointment is always exercise.

Why is that always so hard for us?  I wish I knew.  It's certainly much easier when we're on the road and there are new sites to see.

That said, we've committed to do this, so today we walked a mile or so and of course I took pictures.  I didn't have the camera, just my phone, but there's a lot to see.

The recent heat has brought out so many flowers.

This guy decided to come and say hello
For whatever reason, I like this picture.

I also liked this garden, 
maybe it's the way the light shows through the fence.

Just before we got back home, I heard a bunch of black birds raising a ruckus.  A big ruckus.  Looking up in a tree, I saw a large owl.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get the shot.  I'll be bringing my camera from now on.

And that's it for tonight.


Jim and Sandie said...

Exercise is the bane of my existence. Always has been. Unless it was dancing and we just don't do much of that any more. I've always hated to walk - even as a kid. And since I can't seem to restrict myself to rabbit food, my doctor is not happy with me.

Gaelyn said...

Lots of colorful flowers and really like that curious horse.

photowannabe said...

Kudos for losing weight and going with a plan.
Exercise is the bane of me too.
I can think of a million things to do instead.
Of course my gimpy knee doesn't help matters any.
Keep plugging along. I know you can do it.

Donna K said...

Love the look on that horse's face...and the colorful flowers. You just keep on keeping on Kate, you'll find what works for you and Terry. We are more active when we're on the road too.