Saturday, June 30, 2012

Various . . .

Not a lot to write, 
but we've been good about exercising.

I usually take a camera, 
so these pictures really make no sense.
They're just various shots I've taken 
in the last couple of days.

More shots of Henry Cowell

The trees are so green
this time of year.

We spend a good amount of time at our local library
It's a brand new facility,
a wonderful place to spend a few hours

Most of the lighting is solar,
beautiful design.
I love the light dividers.

The carpet, not so much.
These are my new walking shoes (duh!),
I like that they have mesh over the toes.

I took this shot at lunch.  
The color is funky but I like the graphic.

Sometimes I think my life is too boring to blog.
Oh well.

I just try to remember,

It's Never Too Late
To Live Happily Ever After,

1 comment:

Donna K said...

Cool shoes - literally!! Love the random shots. Always something to look at if you use your photographic eye.