Thursday, June 14, 2012

Todays Walk

Wow, we actually walked two days in a row!

Terry likes to walk near the house, I like the beach, so we've agreed to switch off.  Today, it was the beach, so we took off for Rio del Mar.

One reason I like walking there is the pelicans.  
You all know I love pelicans, 
they're just the most beautiful birds!

This next shot is way too busy, 
but I always get excited 
when I actually get a shot of a pelican 
landing or taking off.

While this guy isn't a pelican 
I liked this shot.  
I'm not sure what he's eating,
but this looks MUCH better
if you click to enlarge.

On the way home, 
we stopped at the supermarket 
and this guy was just sitting in the parking lot.

And I couldn't resist just one shot 
of the light through the leaves.

If walking can be this nice, 
maybe we'll be able to keep it up!


Gaelyn said...

Keep it up for birds sakes.

Donna K said...

Nice pictures. If I lived that close to such a beautiful beach, you can bet I'd be walking there.

Russ Krecklow said...

Your pelicans are always better than my pelicans! I won't be jealous, though, because I've got some really great sea lions, so there!

Jim and Sandie said...

Being from Montana I am absolutely fascinated by Pelicans. Love your pictures. And congrats on two days of walking.