Saturday, June 16, 2012

the Japanese Cultural Festival

Yesterday we decided to take in the Japanese Cultural Festival down in Santa Cruz.

I'm somewhat fascinated with all things Japanese.  Their history, the changing culture, and most of all, their enduring sense of design.  I love their costumes, their textiles and their sense of style.

This was held on the grounds of the Santa Cruz Mission, 
a perfect spot for such an event.

 There were Taiko drummers of all ages,

Elegant, graceful dancers,

And tons of textiles, 
my favorite part of the day.

Just look at this, 
vibrant, earthy and ethereal, 
all at the same time.

I'm still not sure who these purses were created for,
but I found them rather humorous.

I loved the name Origami Mommy, 
and the kimono was so beautiful.

My favorite booth.  
There will be more on this in a later blog post.
These are all handmade iPad bags.
Original and stunningly beautiful for just $20.

There were even Green Tea cupcakes.
We didn't try any.
I'm a big fan of green food, 
but these just didn't look all that appetizing.

My favorite picture of the day.
Many folks were dressed up in the Japanese style,
but this little beauty was the best.

After the Fair, 
we decided to go walking on West Cliff Drive.
Note to self: Walk before you go to an event, 
not after.

The obligatory pelican shot.
Not my best offering, 
but I always seem to want to shoot them 
(digitally, not actually).

That's all for now.


Russ Krecklow said...

Very interesting photos, and thanks for the pelican shot.

Merikay said...

I love interesting bags, but resist the temptation to buy one because I think it would be to tempting to a thief!

Yes I have had my bag stolen, so I guess that is why I' causious.

Donna K said...

Such beautiful craftsmanship and art in the textiles. I have two granddaughters who have been in Japanese Immersion School since kindergarten - they would have LOVED this festival.

I wouldn't worry about the thieves Merikay - if they keep you from buying a bag, they have already stolen something from you. No fear!