Friday, June 15, 2012

Day Three

Hooray, we walked again today, close to 2 miles.

For lack of anything else, I guess I'll be posting pictures from my walks (because really, I don't think you want to see pictures of us sorting and cleaning).

Today, we went into Henry Cowell State Park.  

It's close enough that we can walk to our walk!
We ran into old friends who were riding in the park.

Here's a horse "portrait".

On the way home, we passed a lovely garden.
Fortunately, it was built about four feet off the ground,
perfect for photography.
No stooping!

And that's it for tonight!


Russ Krecklow said...

Now that's pretty've got a good shot of the horse, but without a head...then you've got a good shot of the horse head, but it's "headed" the other direction. How did you manage to do that? (And without photo shop too, I bet.) LOL

Merikay said...

How much nicer it is to walk in the park than on the treadmil every day! I don't get tired after a couple of miles, I just get bored, even with a movie running.

Jerry and Suzy said...

You can't put anything over on Russ! We didn't even notice the headless horse. A walk among the redwoods is always a pleasant adventure.

Nancy said...

Hey, I'm okay with pictures of you sorting and cleaning! :-)

Glad to see you're sticking to your walking schedule and making it a photo adventure for us all.